Allweb package is designed to meet the needs all those (companies and individuals) that are, in the economically difficult period, still trying to stay competitive and tailor themselves space and visibility on the Internet, getting a great product and service at a competitive price.

You are a newly formed company and want a nicely designed and functional website, translated into four languages, but do not want to bear the costs of website development immediately? Perhaps you are thinking about selling online and you need an e-commerce website that usually burdens the budget considerably? Do you already have a website but you are in need of updates, better positioning on search engines?

If your answer to the questions is “Yes”, then you should only choose one of our four types of packages, each of which contains a number of established services. If none of the offered packages suits your needs, we can offer you a fully personalized package.

Packages allow you to pay for the development of your website, its maintenance, optimization, and many other services in monthly installments starting from 150 CHF. In the event that next year you still want to use only certain services, such as optimization, you can subscribe only to them.

If you are not interested for an package, you will be presented other solutions suitable to your needs.

There is no obligation to pay in monthly installments, this can also be personalized.