A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the era of communication and social networks this is true more than ever. Sometimes, only a few pictures or one video would be enough to present your activity / company in the best light and most directly.

This service can be a great solution for the presentation of the production process and technologies and machines with which you are equipped.
Video recording or photographing of the activity that describes the service offered by your company carries a number of advantages for you. Material such as photos and video footages can be used to publish video or photo presentations on YouTube or a Facebook page, at the same time it can be used to create the content for posting on the website of the company in the form of slides or pictures that represent your business. Another advantage of our service of photographing and video recording refers to obtaining copyrights on the photos and videos that we created for you, because all the material is personalized, and visually represents your business or property. You can re-use all this for future projects.

Our staff can organize at your request different scenarios or find environments that are more appropriate for taking photos or recording video in compliance with the characteristics of the project. In addition, products intended for sale on the sites and e-commerce applications can be photographed in the studio environment equipped with specific lighting, so you get a look that is attractive to the clients and thus increase the chances of being purchased.

We are pleased that we can offer this service relying on state-of-the-art equipment, both for photographic services and for video services. We guarantee the highest quality of corporate reportage, advertising, publishing and industrial photos, still life (service targeted at the product photo), video recordings made with a drone, business videos, as well as post-production (production of photographs, editing, inserting sound effects, various retouching, etc.).

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